4 Step Program


Nā Hale O Maui is a non-profit organization that provides affordable housing ownership to low and moderate income households. NHOM retains ownership of the underlying land and sells the improvements (house) to the homeowner coupled with a sustainable long-term renewable and inheritable 99 year ground lease. The homeowner must occupy the home and has full exclusive use of the land.

We received funding from HUD’s Neighborhood Stabilization Program and the Coutny of Maui Affordable Housing Fund and are in the ongoing process of acquiring foreclosed homes. The funds from these programs allow us to acquire, rehabilitate and sell foreclosed homes to qualified homebuyers who have completed the 4 Step program. We recently completed building 12 new affordable homes in the Kahoma Residential Subdivision and sold them to income qualfied buyers.

Nā Hale O Maui has 46 Single Family homes in Wailuku, Kahului, Kihei, Makawao and Lahaina that were sold to income qualfiied households! We repurchased 1 home that is in the process of rehabilitation. Once rehab is completed, a buyer will be selected from the qualified homebuyer list.

It is most important that you work on completing our 4 Step Program so that you can be added to our list of qualified homebuyers. Once your name has been added to our qualified homebuyer list and units become available then you will be able to participate in our homebuyer selection process. You must meet the income qualifications for the particular unit you are interested in purchasing.

Nā Hale O Maui 4 Step Program for Affordable Housing includes the following:

Step 1. Attend Nā Hale O Maui Homebuyer Seminar

By attending our seminar you have completed the first step.

Next Free Homebuyer Seminar is to be announced

Phone: 244-6110 or Email: info@nahaleomaui.org

Step 2. Get a pre-qualification or pre-approval letter from your lender

You may work with any lender you choose for this step, however they may not necessarily be willing to loan on leasehold community land trust property.

The following lending institutions have reviewed our ground lease and are willing to provide competitive loans secured by mortgages on leasehold real estate property.

We have other lending institutions that are in the process of reviewing our documents and we will make those names available as they are confirmed.


Step 3. Attend a homebuyer education financial workshop

You may attend a Homebuyer Educational Financial workshop before you attend our next homebuyer seminar or before obtaining a pre-qualification or pre-approval letter.

Workshops are being offered by 2 different organizations. Classes may have been rescheduled due to the COVID19 situation.​

Hale Mahaolu is now offering an Online Homebuyer Education course through Framework. Cost is $75 per household.

Register  online at: https://halemahaolu.frameworkhomeownership.org/
(A one-one counseling session is required with Hale Mahaolu before a certificate is issued.)

Contact Marlynn Tanji – 242-7027, email mtanji@halemahaolu.org, for more information.

Contact Habitat for Humanity and ask about their online classes and registration.

Cost is $55. 2 sessions of online classes.

Contact Sophie at Habitat for Humanity, phone 242-1140

Step 4. Meet with NHOM staff to discuss the ground lease, resale formula and homebuyer selection policy

This is the final step after you have completed the first 3 steps.

Please make sure your pre-qualification or pre-approval letter is still valid then contact our staff to schedule a time to meet.

Income Guidelines effective May 1, 2020

Maximum Income: To be considered for selection, a household must have a combined annual income which does not exceed one of the following: 80%, 120% or 140% of the HUD median income of households of Maui County or the median income for Hana, Lanai and Molokai, as adjusted by the Department of Housing and Human Services. The grant funding agency for the property determines the maximum income limit. The HUD income calculation method may also includes income from assets. Listed below are the maximum income guidelines per household using gross annual income.

Area Median Income 80% 100% 120% 140%
Max Income Limits (household of 4) $78,000 $97,500 $117,000 $136,500
  • Participants must be a US citizen or registered alien
  • Owner occupancy required

Information may be changed from time to time.  Contact us for the most current updates.
Last updated 9.28.20