Annual Meeting Minutes

Housing and Land Enterprise of Maui, dba: Na Hale O Maui
Fourteenth Annual Membership Meeting

June 27, 2020
9:00 AM
Location: Secure Web Meeting via ZOOM and NHOM Office
190 N Church St., Wailuku, HI 96793


Directors – Dave Ward, Dave DeLeon, Cheryl Rietz, Carolyn DeMott, Jamie Emberson
Staff – Cassandra Abdul, Executive Director; Natalie Fitzgerald, Housing Coordinator; Mary Walker, Administrative Assistant
Homeowner – Herb Phillips and Juliet DiGiovanni, Koa and Tanner Bonnell, Honorato Martinez, Lavy Sisouvong
Members – Mike Trotto, Michelle Turner
Excused – Directors Ka’imi Judd, Christine Estomo, Michael Spalding

1. Call to order: 9:07 AM by Dave Ward

2. Introductions: Mike Trotto, Member and returning Board Candidate. Lavy Sisouvong, Homeowner and new Board Candidate.

3. Minutes of Annual Membership Meeting of 6/19/2019.
Action: Approval of Minutes.
Motion: Dave DeLeon, 2nd: Cheryl Rietz
Approved: Unanimous

4. President’s Report – Dave Ward expressed appreciation for the work of the Executive Director, and the Na Hale O Maui Staff.

5. Treasurer’s Report – Presented by Cassandra Abdul.
a) The current Cash on Hand, as of April 30, 2020, is $972,833.
b) The Operational Expenses are currently $232,471.
c) Na Hale O Maui currently has 46 homes in their inventory, with 34 existing owner-occupied homes and 12 in various stages of completion in Kahoma.
Action: Approval of Financial Report.
Motion: Dave DeLeon, 2nd: Mike Trotto
Approved: Unanimous

6. Executive Director’s Report
a) Home Buyer Seminars – Held quarterly in person until Covid 19 Restrictions were imposed. We now host meetings via Zoom.
b) Kahoma – The HomeStreet Bank construction loan of $3.7 million will be paid prior to the expiration of the extended deadline. We have 40 qualified buyers, with 21 initial showings. NHOM is providing 3 Matching Down Payment Assistance Grants for approximately $15,000. One buyer received a County of Maui Matching Down Payment Assistance Grant.
c) NHOM closed on 5 sales as of June 2020, with 6 sales scheduled for July and 1 scheduled for August.
d) Covid 19 Impact – The impact on West Maui hotel, restaurant, tourism, and related industries is devastating. The impact to our Qualified Buyers in Kahoma has been 1 cancellation and 1 delay. NHOM is an Essential Business, and we are able to continue with weekly site inspections, and the business of placing workforce families into housing.

7.Certificate of Appreciation
Michael Spalding’s term ends on June 30, 2020. He has been a Director for 6 years, and we will miss him. Cassandra knew Mike for many years prior to his joining NHOM, and she stated it was nice to become re-acquainted at her interview as an Executive Director candidate with the Board of Directors. Mike is a great asset and advocate for Na Hale O Maui, with his many relationships and contacts, as well as generous annual donations. He is one of NHOM’s loudest cheerleaders, and it has been a sincere pleasure to work with him.

7. Election of Board of Directors
The slate of candidates was presented to the membership with the Meeting Notification and packet. Current Board Members wishing to continue are Dave Ward, Dave DeLeon, Carrie DeMott, Cheryl Rietz, and Jamie Emberson. No candidates were proposed from the floor. Nominations were closed.
Action: Approval of slate of Directors.
Motion: Michelle Turner, 2nd: Carrie DeMott
Approved: Unanimous

12. Adjourned: 9:38 AM