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March 23, 2022 Radio Show

Maui Non Profits with Na Hale O Maui Executive Director, Cassandra JL Abdul

Prospective Home Buyer’s Talk Story

Housing Hawaii Future

Kahoma Homes Site Blessing

How Does the CLT Work?

What is the difference between Conventional and Sustainable Leasehold?

What are the Advantages of NHOM Homeownership?

What are the Income Limits used by NHOM?

What is the NHOM 4 Step Qualification Process?

What is the NHOM Homebuyer Selection Process?

What are some of the NHOM Services to Homeowners?

Who makes up the NHOM Board of Directors?

What is NHOM doing now?


How does the Resale Formula work?

What is the NHOM Matching Grant?

What are the Rights, Responsibilities and Requirements under the NHOM Ground Lease?

What are the Rights, Roles and Responsibilities of a NHOM Homeowner?

A Resale Story

Why is the CLT Model a good model?

Kahoma Affordable Housing